Network Security Specialist
Kornic Glory Co., Ltd.

Kornic Glory, founded in 2007, has built its reputation as a specialist in network security, supporting the global IT market. Based on the best wired and wireless security technology available in Korea, Kornic Glory is the No.1 supplier of TMS in the Korean Market (over 90% in terms of market share), and became the first in Korea to provide WIPS (CC, EAL4) service.
Kornic Glory is committed to achieve a sustainable growth as a global IT solution specialist, providing security solutions and services for wired and wireless network environments, by concentrating on the security business.

Corporate Philosophy

It is natural for a child growing up to become an adult.
However, it is what the child dreams that determines what kind of adult the child becomes.
Kornic Glory has a dream.

Only those who challenge the world deserve a future better than today.
Challenge is the ultimate value of Kornic Glory.
Kornic Glory will continue its challenge toward the future as mankind continues its challenge toward space.

Business solely exists through and thrives through the harmony of its relations with the individuals, societies and countries surrounding itself.
A company shall not sustain if it does not contribute to the society.
Kornic Glory pursues to be a company beneficial to mankind.
This is the ultimate honor Kornic Glory seeks.


This is CHO Myungjae, CEO of Kornic Glory.

The philosophies of Kornic Glory are: the infinite dream, an endless challenge, and realizing the glory for mankind.

Everyone at Kornic Glory bears the infinite dream, thrives on an endless challenge, and endeavors to share the glory with everyone in connection with Kornic Glory.

Kornic Glory will sustain its ultimate goal to lead the global information production trend in the IT industry, prepare and challenge until the name “Kornic Glory” is recognized as the pronoun for trust and satisfaction.

Corporate History

These are the footsteps Kornic Glory took.

  • Dec Intrusion prevention method and WIPS sensor of illegal wireless terminal using WIPS sensor and WIPS sensor (Patent registration-Japan)
  • Oct Intrusion prevention method and WIPS sensor of illegal wireless terminal using WIPS sensor and WIPS sensor (Patent registration-Korea)
  • Jun Detection policy extraction system and method that cause degradation of detection performance in case of traffic leakage (Patent registration)
  • Apr TESS TMS, TESS TAS, TESS CTMX trademark registration
  • Jul Acquired TESS TMS V6.0 (Sensor) certification (IT Security Certification Center)
  • Sep Acquired TESS TMS V6.0 (Manager) certification (IT Security Certification Center)
  • Aug New release of AIRTMS S700
  • Oct Launched next generation products (TMS V6.0 / TMX V2.0).
  • Aug Executed cooperation agreement on wired & wireless security solutions with SK Infosec Co., Ltd.
  • Jun Opened VieSante Apgujeong, for body detox experience.
  • Mar Executed exclusive distributor agreement with Japan‘s Ranger Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Jul Executed AIRTMS agency agreement with Japan‘s Ranger Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Jun Executed exclusive AIRTMS distributor agreement with Digital China Ltd.
  • Mar Patented (Japan) cloud sensor network based wireless smart intrusion prevention system and sensor.
  • Mar Acquired 4 patent rights from National Security Research Institute.
  • Dec Executed AIRTMS MOU with Digital China Ltd.
  • Dec Executed hacking attach analyzing technology transfer agreement with Korea Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Feb Patented ‘Packet and signature-based intrusion detection device and detection method.’
  • Aug Launched new ‘AIRTMS’ wireless security product, S600E.
  • Jun Supplied wireless intrusion prevention system to Hana Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Feb Acquired GS accreditation for TMS V5.0
  • Feb Executed exclusive APT Solution distributor agreement with Lastline Inc.
  • Oct Launched 802.11ac (Next generation wireless LAN protocol) supporting AIRTMS, wireless intrusion prevention system. (First in the world)
  • May Acquired ISO 9001 Quality Management, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management.
  • Apr Acquired GS accreditation for AIRTMS V2.0
  • Feb Acquired CC accreditation (EAL4) for TMS V5.0.
  • Dec Acquired Infosec Co.,Ltd
  • Sep Acquired CC accreditation (EAL4) for AIRTMS 2.0.
  • Jun Executed exclusive distributor agreement with ARISTA Networks Inc.
  • Feb Acquired CC accreditation (EAL3) for TMS V5.0.
  • Sep Patented multi-wireless chip-based Fixed channel scanning system and method (No. 10-107613).
  • Sep Patented system and method for 3D location tracking of Wi-Fi users.
  • Aug Acquired CC Accreditation (EAL2) for AIRTMS V1.0 (IT Security Certification Center).
  • Aug Patented encryptable wireless communication system and method (No. 10-1060620).
  • Jun Launched TMS 10G.
  • Jun Launched AIRTMS.
  • Nov Patented pattern matching malicious traffic detection system and method (No. 10-0994746).
  • Sep Relocated corporate headquarters from Bangbae-dong to Nonhyeon-dong.
  • Sep Acquired CC accreditation (EAL3+) for TESS UTM V5.0, a comprehensive security device. (Korea Internet & Security Agency).


Kornic Glory has an infinite dream, just like the universe.

Major Customers

Kornic Glory is committed to the security of a large span of clients varying from major public and educational institutes in Korea and overseas,
to companies around the world.


3&4F, Wonyoung Bldg, 155, Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
TEL.82-2-3476-4200 FAX.82-2-3476-4215 /

Corporate Identity

Kornic Glory‘s CI is a combination of the symbolized core value of the ‘Universe’, and the company name.
The randomly projected circles of various colors are a visualized symbol of elements configuring the universe.
Kornic Glory seeks to replicate the universe.
Kornic Glory’s universe is infinite, permanent and harmonious.